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best gambling dice games

Roll a Dice

Try your Luck!

Bet on numbers from 1 - 6
Winning bet pays upto 5x

Choose the number(s) on the die you want to bet on. (Up to 5 sides per bet)

Choose The Bet Amount

Winning Chance


Winning bet pays


You can win a maximum of 0 F8

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Wait To See Your Luck
Play again
Tokens on table
Request withdrawal
Gas fee
Dice history
Wins | Losses

Game History

Player Choice Stake Target Result Payout


bet on coin flip

Coin Flip

Bet on heads or tails

Winning chance: 50%

Winning bet pays up to 1.98x


Bet on a 100 sided roll

Winning chance: 1% to 97%

Winning bet pays up to 97%